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Unique handmade jewelry created in harmony with nature

Diwali is a new concept of jewelry, where each creation has a soul and is uniquely created with the intention of serving its purpose with the wearer.

We remember to be unique

The handmade witnesses to us that we are creator beings


To navigate the Diwali catalog you can choose to do it from the main categories which are NECKLACES, RINGS, BRACIALETS, EARRINGS, or to enter the 4 ELEMENTS page and learn about the products according to their belonging element.
Have a nice trip...

Each Diwali necklace carries a message 

with it

Each Diwali ring is unique and unrepeatable

Each Diwali bracelets brings you back 

to your nature

Each Diwali earring reminds your essence.

Each Diwali jewel is associated with an element, a chakra, a plant, a smell, a flavor. Why? 

To offer an absolutely unique path that aims the care of the soul and body at 360 °

Water, Air, Wind, Earth.


By knowing the element of belonging of the jewel, you can compensate for your dominant element.


If looking at my site you think of someone but you don't know how to choose, here is the right option for you.

You can choose between the different Gift cards


The name Diwali comes from an Hindu festival that celebrates the win of light over darkness.

The Diwali concept is based on a natural way of living where the uniqueness of each creation embodies the beauty of not being standardized, but choosing to live in our most authentic version.

Each Diwali jewel is created to shed light on the natural authenticity of the wearer, and to remind us of that vital essence we sometimes forget because it is hidden behind the roles we play in our daily life.

By choosing crafts you are supporting the idea of ​​a more sustainable world, where pollution and waste generated by large industries are highly reduced.

By choosing a unique product you are advocating the elimination of a chain reproduction that generates alienation in the human race; it is important to work together to improve the collective consciousness

"Each creation is consecrated to Mother Earth in order to link the wearer of one of these treasures to the most authentic and natural part of himself"

the creative

The creative process begins with a very intuitive choice of materials, from there the dance begins, it is a dance that leads to a new expansion in which I have total confidence in the success of the product because I am aware that I am simply the through of materialization of an already existing essence.

I create without attachment to the result, experiencing the creative process as the only thing that exists, and that is why my creations are all different and unique.

In the creative process I am able to return to my purest essence, through art I know myself and recognize myself in my center.

For example, if in the creative process something does not work as I want, I welcome the error as a new opportunity, adapting the creation to new solutions and thus creating fluidity in my work, in this way art teaches me that there are no limits of opportunities if we don't impose them on ourselves.

This is how art heals.

The elements speaks about us....

I found that each jewel, beside the properties of the stones that compose it, it has got characteristics that identify it with one or the other element.

THE FIRE lights up, transforms and burns

THE AIR moves, explores and inspires

THE EARTH roots,nourishes and supports

THE WATER creates, aligns and flows 


Since an early age, creating is what fascinates me most. 

In 2015 I decided to stop working for others and create a job that I could love, today I can say thanks to life because this choice has allowed me to travel to different continents in a self-susustainable way.

Thanks to my travels, I had the opportunity to personally choose the best local gems that make up my catalog today and learn different techniques that have allowed me to cultivate confidence in my potential.

To date, the technique I use the most is welding but I also really like fusion which allows other forms of expression.

By sharing my art, I share a part of me, the most real and sensitive one, I strongly believe that art is therapy and through each creation I have reflected an emotion that could be expressed, and that today could reach you with the idea of ​​helping you reach the most authentic version of you.

The intention during the creative process is guided by the power of the stone in use, which often completes its purpose in combination with other stones or different natural materials. 

I would be happy to share the story of each creation with you. 

If you have a specific request, I can customize it with pleasure.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your time.

Inspirational source: MadreTerra: MadreTerra

THE DREAM: Bringing people back to create, I find that in art there are infinite metaphors with life, because our existence is basically a work of art, only sometimes we do forget that we are the CREATORS.


Do you want a personalized creation?

o saperne di più su una creazione a cui sei interessato?


Chiara is a prolific artis, I first met her while she was travelling in Australia. I was immediately taken by her use of local materials, her effortless control and agilely juxtaposing gem stones and coper, soft twines and corals, always on the look out for new inspirations. Whether in India or South America, she has learned from master craft men, for ever adding layers of knowledge to her beautiful creations. Chiara is a gifted and dedicated creator. She is driven by an inner desire to embellish, to share her imaginations, she definitely posses transformative powers. Chiara is a true alchemist who draws from the cosmos what we can only dream of
Mari Carmen Poveda

"She manages to play with the elements of nature without altering their original characteristics and combining them gives them new beautiful and unique shapes. She work with delicacy and love in each creation. I feel that every piece I use was made for me "


"In Diwali jewels, which are true works of art, we perceive a particular sensitivity to shapes and colors and a capacity for interpretation in the common. Harmony and sentiment give peace, serenity and pleasure for the eyes of those who wears it "

Cinzia Scandella

Every fragment of what Diwali uses takes shape in her hands, as an effect of a greater force, I believe, that she is able to govern its developments and its choices. In my opinion it goes far beyond design. It is truly giving birth to one-of-a-kind pieces of rare organic beauty. As living archetypes with stories to tell.

Renato Ribas

Chiara is a passionate artist and one of my sources of inspiration. I really love the energy that she puts into her art and into her crystals, an energy so strong that you can feel it through the jewels she shows here. I have faith that whatever piece you carry with you is exactly what is meant for you right now. This is the magic of his work.
Elena Van Der Been

Diwali art conveys originality within the true nature in which the stones are set


Anna Bottaro

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